From the United States comes a solution that allows you to keep the design that’s you have for your project, simply adopt the proposed system by New Millennium: the Versa-Floor ™. With the implementation of this system, you can optimize the time of construction and structural performance, reducing the costs of materials.

Increasingly, the key to the success in construction is the simplification of processes and the use of versatile solutions that allows at the same time this simplification while maintaining the client’s requirements (aesthetics, quality, etc.). Manufactured by New Millennium, the Versa-Floor system ™ is manufactured using composite materials that respond to the need of space and cost optimization in building’s several floors. Versa-Floor ™ combines the speed and versatility of the steel with the performance and durability of the concrete, allowing the execution of structural projects with space efficient. In addition, enables integration with any method of construction support, increasing the available space, improving structural performance and reducing the total cost of the project.

This system features as advantages, the use of thinner profiles (40% weight reduction), thus minimizing the cost of materials and the charges made to the structure. Given the high resilience, allows free spans of up to 11 meters and allows integration with steel structures, concrete and wall.

In addition, it presents a fire resistance of up to 4 hours. As the system comes on, allows the pre-assembly of modules in the field and the subsequent elevation to its assembly, thus reducing, runtimes and increasing safety in construction rates.

The Versa-Floor ™ system was designed to enable receive acoustic treatments, tested for vibration and sound transfer, and aligned for easy integration MEP (various specialties of construction – mechanical, electrical installations and hydraulic).

It also allows keeping the option of apparent slab, because it presents solutions for ceilings in sight with various formats (deep ribbed appearance or a smooth surface with thin structural ribbing).

The implementation of this system is much similar to the system of composite slabs. The Versa-Floor ™ system is based on the structure, being attached to it, through attachments that will be hidden. Over the composite boards steel grid is placed to prevent cracking of the concrete, later making the casting.