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Value Engineering (VE) is a technique that seeks to reduce the cost of a product, without loss of quality or functionality, in the direction of the optimal price of the product.

This technique appears in the construction industry with a great impact, totally revolutionizing the approach in all stages of the process, but above all in the conception/design process where the major definitions that have an impact on the final cost are taken.

Some of the questions to consider are:

Is each requirement of the Project program really important?
Can we implement this requirement in a different way?
Can we replace the requirement with another that brings more benefit to the project, therefore adding more value to the customer?
Can the methodology we are using be optimized?
Are there any processes that are unnecessary or that do not benefit the project?
Is our quality process adequate for what the market demands?

In this way, we seek to reduce the cost of the project / work without changing the expected quality of the built product and without failing to comply with the project program originally defined.

Several organizations specialized in Value Engineering developed the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving - TRIZ, a methodology and a set of tools to generate innovative ideas and solutions for problem solving that allows to significantly increase the creative power of the EV team beyond the their collective knowledge.

At DDN we developed a system based on TRIZ that results from the combination of these methodologies guaranteeing fantastic results, which we put at the service of our clients' projects, where we try irreverently and imaginatively to test alternative solutions until we find the one that offers the lowest price for the defined program.