DDN - Gestão de Projetos, S.A.







The success of a project is dependent on several constraints, for which companies need a partner with extensive theoretical and practical know-how.

Before moving on to building or implementing technological solutions, the following questions should be asked:

Does the Project have too much steel?
The designed Air conditioning solution is fitted for your needs? And does it provide a more economical consumption?
Are the selected coatings the best? Are there no equivalent and more economic alternatives?
Are the several engineering and architecture specialties properly made compatible?
Is the Project equipped with a Management and Maintenance Plan for the project after its delivery? And is it done using the most modern technologies, namely BIM - Building Information Modeling?
Is the electrical project optimized? What will be the monthly amount of the electricity bill and how can I reduce it?
Do you have a sustainable project with the best that technology can offer you?

The mistakes more commonly done that compromise cost, deadlines and quality construction are committed in this final phase of the project.

Engineers and Architects who design the work, due to not having any responsibility in its payment, do not take into account the costs of the solutions presented by them.

DDN is responsible for controlling the risks of the ' project ' phase, with a view to the final valorization of the project.