DDN - Gestão de Projetos, S.A.






DDN is a company that provides Engineering Services in the area of ​​Civil Construction and in the Implementation of Technological Solutions

DDN develops services of Integrated Management of Construction Projects and Implementation of Technological Solutions, Supervision (with / without Tender Process), Coordination of Hygiene, Safety, Health, Environment and Noise, Contract Management, Project Revision of Licensing and Execution Projects, as well as Strategic Consultancy in the analysis of real estate, in accordance with the recommendations of the IPMA - International Project Management Association.

DDN is certified in ISO 9001 Quality, qualified by the LNEC as General Manager of quality and accepted in the Qualification System of Supervision of Aguas de Portugal, EDP and ANA Aeroportos de Portugal.


DDN aims to be recognized as the company that provides high returns and solutions for its customers’ investments.


Provide solutions and shape the projects of our customers, giving them modernity, adding technical, economic and social value.


  • To comply with the Legal and Statutory Requirements applicable to our activities and the Customer Requirements, increasing their satisfaction;
  • To evaluate and correspond to the new Needs of the Market, growing sustainably in accordance with the objectives set out;
  • To promote Employee Involvement in meeting the objectives to be achieved in the services, supporting and Boosting their Skills;
  • To continuously improve the Efficacy of the Quality Management System Processes.


  • Professionalism and responsibility;
  • Loyalty and transparency;
  • Creativity and proactiveness;
  • Mutual cooperation;
  • Social advancement;
  • Professional ethics;
  • Social responsibility.
Thus creating conditions to be motivated and ready to frame the Quality and Rigorous development of the Projects we take on.

DDN bets at the forefront of its services in order to monitor and ensure its customers projects with high levels of Profitability.

Initially devoted to the direct management of Constructions, DDN has over 25 years of experience combined with Motivated and Prepared Employees for the Quality and Rigorous development of the Projects we take on.

With competence, DDN is customer focused and prepared to provide solutions that contribute to the Success of the projects.