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Environmental issues occupy a prominent place in the set of challenges and obligations of companies operating in different sectors of activity.

DDN positions itself as the partner to whom you can delegate the management of the environmental aspects of your investment or project. We ensure it with specialized resources:

Knowledge of legal environmental obligations;
Timely and full compliance with legal environmental obligations;
Optimization of costs related to said compliance.

Environment, therefore, is a DDN operating area where we manage all or part of all environmental aspects applicable to our customers.


Preparation of Environmental Management Plans (PGA) and Construction and Demolition Waste Prevention and Management Plans (PPGRCD) in the design and construction phases.

The main objectives of the PGA are as follows:
Ensure compliance with applicable legal, regulatory and / or normative requirements;
Comply with what is defined in the Specifications;
Assess the significant environmental impacts resulting from the construction phase and define minimization measures;
Assign responsibilities to the various entities involved in the process, through the definition of environmental management procedures;
Promote the reduction and reuse of waste generated, as well as the rationalization of consumption of raw materials;
Promote the application of the best environmental practices;
Prevent situations of environmental risk;
Define Monitoring, Measures and Verification Plans and Programs necessary for the control and protection of the environment;
Promote the awareness of all employees and subcontractors to the responsibility of preserving and protecting the environment, ensuring appropriate training and education for each function.

The main objectives of the PGR are as follows:
Identify and classify the waste produced during the construction phase;
Recommend management measures to be adopted and the final destination to be given, depending on the type of waste, seeking, whenever possible, destinations for recovery, reuse and recycling, to the detriment of controlled disposal.


Management and environmental monitoring services on site, in order to ensure compliance with the PGA, PPGRCD and DIA/RECAPE.

We also verify the fulfillment of the requirements of the environmental descriptors, such as: Water Resources, Air Quality, Water Quality, Noise, Vibrations, Residues, Occupation and Use of Soils, Architectural and Archaeological Heritage, Flora and Fauna and Socioeconomic.


We provide environmental verification and assessment services for a given space, with the issuance of the respective report.

This type of audit aims to verify and evaluate the company's compliance with the rules and legislation in force or other requirements established by the client.


Support to clients in projects with AIA (Environmental Impact Study (EIA) and Environmental Compliance Report of the Execution Project (RECAPE)).
They are mandatory in projects, whether Public or Private, which are likely to have negative effects on the environment.
The Environmental Impact Assessment is a preventive instrument for environmental policy, supported by studies and consultations, through:

Collection of information, identification and forecasting of the environmental effects of certain projects;
Evaluation, in an integrated manner, of the possible significant environmental impacts, direct and indirect, resulting from the execution of the projects and the alternatives presented;
Identification and proposal of measures to avoid, minimize or compensate for these negative effects;
Implementation of processes to verify the effectiveness of the measures adopted, through monitoring;
Fostering public participation and stakeholder consultation.


Elaboration of Forest Phytosanity Reports.


Support to customers in the Environmental Certification process (ex: BREEAM, LEED), from the design phase to the final phase of the work.


Support to clients on necessary licenses for the projects.