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A deep knowledge of which implies a construction work is the main resource we have to assure that won’t have any unpleasant surprises. Before fast-forwarding to a work, you should ask yourself:

Are you prepared to face technical and legally experienced construction companies on construction contract management?
Before signing contracts with construction companies, do you plan actions of error exploitation of projects and other opportunities?
Have construction companies highly prepared Technicians to maximize profit on contract management?
Do the materials and equipment used have the features and quality you want?
The biggest mistakes of the construction phase of work occur mainly in the consultations and in the absence of coherence of the contract or, even, the same errors and its annexes. A correct definition of rules for the development of construction is crucial to the success and value of the work.

DDN has an overview of the entire construction process, providing you this knowledge to deal on equal terms with the construction company. You can choose one of the following options that DDN has at your disposal:


The Supervision Service developed by the DDN has as its main aspects control costs, deadlines and quality of the work, ensuring our clients compliance with the approved Project. The main features of this service are the following:

Preparation of the Work
At this stage the aim is essentially to act preventively, making summary analysis to projects, by checking "in situ" the lay of the land and its implications with the projects and contracts.

At this stage the DDN will perform the control of the work, in terms of costs, deadlines and materials applied and developed in the work, ensuring the quality of the project and overseeing the development of the work.

Project Delivery
The critical phase in which it is necessary to develop a set of administrative procedures at the level of the licenses that allow the client, on the one hand to obtain licenses to use and on the other hand manage with the contractor the elimination of all technical anomalies of the building’s construction.

Control and Report
This is the transversal activity to the service, which carries out the control, cost, and quality analysis of discrepancies and the management of changes to the scope of the project, making the respective "report" to the client in the meeting minutes and the various reports issued during the execution of the work.


Being this service started in after the design of the project and before the construction stage, it’s in Supervision with Tender Process that we intended to act in order to ensure our Clients and Suppliers, the best price-quality ratio for the project to develop. In addition to the steps listed in the Supervision Service, this service includes the following:

Analysis of the Execution Project
This analysis is performed by giving emphasis to the compatibility between the architecture and the various engineering, checking out the interrelationships between the various pieces designed and written for different projects, special technical conditions and measurements, taking account the applicable legal provisions.

Contract Management (with Tender Process)
After the analysis of the project and conditions of the terrain, DDN ensures that the scope is defined and the desired quality for the project is reflected in tendering procedures performed for contracts. We believe that it is at this stage that if you meet many of the contractual problems with contractors, we consider important to be immediately involved in the analysis of the proposals submitted, assisting as consultants in this negotiation phase and ensuring the development of the construction contract, supporting the client in throughout the whole negotiation.