“I don’t have any room at home”, this phrase will cease to make sense with the increasing variety of options to make the most of the existing area of your apartment. Ori Systems is one of the companies combining Robotics technology with design, thus allowing the same space to have multiple uses.

With the constant increase of the population density in major urban centers, which results in a decrease of the area of the apartments, it is becoming increasingly essential, a better use of the existing space.

“Innovate” has become the watchword for the companies that operate in this business and Ori Systems, name that derives from the Japanese word origami, stands out in this segment. Combining Robotics technology with design, it allows with a simple touch of a button, that a module with a retractable bed becomes a room or an office, proving multiple ‘identities” to the same space assume.

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Considering the segment of the solution presented above, but in a perspective of just “adapting” the furniture for small areas, there are several solutions that will make your dwelling more comfortable and multifunctional.

SlumberUp is a bed designed by SpaceMan company, created especially for those who need to move the bed to win space. And if instead of moving the bed sideways, you could move it upwards? Through a system of counterweights, allowing the use of engines and electrical connections, the bed glides effortlessly through the roof, folding and unfolding its legs automatically according to go up or down. For its installation, you only need one or two mounting posts, depending on the bed’s size. There are several sizes available ranging from the single up to king size.

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Palazzo is another company of the segment, that betting on versatility and design, created several models of sofas that turn into bunk beds without effort. To improve security, this sofa includes a locking mechanism that prevents its folding as well as a barrier along the upper bunk, thus preventing possible falls.

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