The world’s most advanced concept of indoor natural light diffusion is already available to all. Whether it’s a housing, an office building, or industrial, all they can now enjoy natural light, since the early hours of the morning (sunrise) up until noon (sunset), providing to the interiors and entire buildings a greater comfort and well-being, as well as higher levels of energy efficiency.

This new concept of indoor lighting allows you to incorporate in the projects, new trends of design, modernity, innovation and ecology, bringing the building not only a significant added value, but also, and above all, making it significantly more sustainable.

This lighting concept is materialized in ecological systems, where the natural light is captured and guided through tubes, whose interior is coated with highly reflective material, achieving a significant dispersion minimization of sunbeams, and consequently, a supply of natural light the considerable distances, without transfer of heat or cold.

These are systems made with robust and innovative materials, achieving a very high resistance to severe weather and therefore, but not only, represent the world’s most advanced concept of diffusion of natural light indoors. Regardless of the sun’s position, the system can capture, conduct and disseminate the sunlight evenly and intensely to every room or areas of the building.

Vídeo: (application method in slab)


The system displays as a big advantage, its illumination ability (which is greater then that of a common window), simplicity of installation and the direct contribution in reducing the energy consumption of the installation, with the consequent increase of the energy efficiency of the building. On the other hand, we highlight the availability of natural light, without transfer of heat or cold and almost completely blocking (99%) of the UV radiation, requiring no maintenance and possessing even artificial light integration capabilities, including LED and ventilation.


They are 100% compatible with the installation in homes, offices, gyms, sports halls, factories, supermarkets, warehouses, industrial pavilions, amphitheaters, room centers and applications, according to the user’s creativity.

Regarding households, a system composed of a dome/reflector/diffuser tube and pickup is between € 250 and € 350, always subject to specific sizing, and in the case of industry, prices are subject to quotation request.