A British company, Ten Fold Engineering, has developed a system that allows you to have your home, commerce, countertops, stage where and when! Just have an idea of what’s intend and Ten Fold Engineering develops and accomplishes it in a modular mobile system that transforms a transportable block into a fully functional construction, in less than 10 minutes.

The concept is based on constructions using maritime containers, but instead of this solution, these unfold through lever systems, for the user-created solution. The key of this concept is a patented lever system that controls counterbalanced hinge bonds. This system allows the structure or the house to effectively “make itself” – all it homeowners have to do is press a button and watch it unfold. Then they simply fix the system using an electrical drill. The unit closes through a winch, which has a safety system which does not allow closure until the floors are folded.

Everything is included: partition walls, furniture and structure that can unfold up to 3 times its compressed size, but this size can increase due to the possibility of connecting with other modules.

As the system comes equipped with support platform, it doesn’t require the need to place foundations, and the terrain is only required to be levelled. Modules are designed so that they can be connected to any existing electrical and hydraulic infrastructures in place, or if mobile infrastructures (generator, mobile ETE, etc.) are intended. The base modules can be purchased by a value around €111,000.00, and may vary depending on the customer’s pretensions.


Watch the following video: