The Intercontinental Hotel Lisbon, located on the Castillo street, is in the process of remodeling in order to become one of the most luxurious 5 star Hotels operating in Lisbon under the Intercontinental insignia. The remodeling project of the team of designers Londrina Dexter Moren supported by the Portuguese Office of the NLA, considers at this stage, the intervention in various interior spaces of the hotel including: lobby, reception area, restaurant and Bar, executive lounge, fitness center, meeting room, banquet room, new offices and public toilets. It also includes the reorganization of spaces and the allocation at the Hotel of the best infrastructure that can provide unique experiences to customers.

DDN was selected to develop the Project Management service, divided into three phases: design phase, tender phase and phase of the work.

In the design phase, the primary goal was the development with the design of DDN and the careful review and criticism of proposed solutions, proposing solutions with a view to ensuring the standard of quality that distinguishes this hotel group, however, in a perspective of value/cost optimization, fulfilling the client’s budget for the project.

In the tendering procedure the intervention was focused on customer support in the drafting of the invitation to tender, the tender release and analysis of the proposals, in order to select the competitor that would bring together the best criteria for the execution of the contract, including support in drawing up the contract.

The work phase, which is under implementation, includes the coordination of information between all stakeholders in the process, including the general contractor and the various providers to operate on site. This includes the supervision and coordination of work, in order to ensure compliance with the solutions/project assumptions, costs and deadlines.

The work is to be performed in 2 stages:

Phase 1: phase of work that was under execution until the end of the second quarter of 2015, and that includes the construction/remodeling of interior spaces of the hotel: lobby, reception, executive lounge, function room, conference room, shop, patisserie and public toilets.
Phase 2: phase of the work to be performed in the third quarter of 2015, and that includes the construction/remodeling of the interior spaces of the hotel: offices, restaurant, bar and fitness centre.

In each of the stages of construction there are partial dates for delivery of each of the spaces. The scrupulous observance of deadlines is the crucial element of this project, given that the remodeling works are performed with the hotel in operation, for which there is a controlled management and additional care in such a way that the impact is minimal for the comfort of customers and investor return.

The deadline for conclusion of the work of renovation is August 2015.