The complex CITE City, Center for Innovation, Research and Evaluation, is the first city to be built in order to test new technologies to the real scale, with the unusual feature, the fact that there is no resident population, thus enabling the test new products and technologies and their commercialization. CITE City will be modeled as a modern city, integrating urban and suburban real world environments, along with all the typical elements of working infrastructure that make up the cities of today.

The city project “ghost” is being developed by the US company Pegasus Global Holdings and will consist of urban, suburban and rural areas, including parks, shopping centers and churches, like a real city. The project will be executed in the desert of the US state of New Mexico, with a capacity of 35 000 inhabitants and an area of 40 square kilometers, in order to offer its customers the unique opportunity to test and evaluate technologies in conditions that simulate more closely real – world applications.

The complex will consist of the following areas:

CITY LAB: Consists of the city space that will have to OBEJECTIVE simulate scenarios of the whole system present in the real world;
FIELD LAB DISTRICT: Made up of several laboratories located outside the perimeter of the city, for the development of the products tested;
CITE Backbone: It is the center of all facility operations. Located underground, it serves as operating hub, from which test facilities are controlled and monitored;
CITE Campus: The administrative, research and meetings that will serve the entire complex.
The main objective of the construction of this city is to recreate real – world conditions in a controlled environment, perfect for experiencing, for example, new intelligent transport systems and autonomous, alternative energy sources and innovative telecommunications.

The original route plan for CITE includes the following areas of research to be tested and evaluated new products in real environment:

Intelligent Transport Systems;
Alternative energies;
Smart grid Technologies;
Development Resources;
The Cite City was conceived in 2011, but its construction was delayed several times by a series of bureaucratic setbacks, such as the approval of its location.

Investment initially provided for the construction of this ghost town is about two billion dollars, and the works are expected to start during the year 2016 with completion scheduled for 2018.

The city could generate about four thousand jobs in the state of New Mexico, with 350 direct jobs and 3.500 indirect ones.