In infrastructure construction works, one of the main activities comprises the opening of ditches for the installation of pipes. A company in Barcelona, Nextrencher, developed equipment that significantly increases the yield in the opening of ditches.

These equipments, which can excavate both in rock and soil, can open trenches up to 5.5 meters deep and 1.5 meters wide due to having a belt with teeth, which in addition to digging, carries the soil removed to the surface, having as option put the soil removed to the side of the ditch, or load it directly into a truck through a treadmill.

In urban settings, Nextrencher offers the solution of equipment equipped with wheels instead of caterpillars, so as not to damage the sidewalks and asphalt. In the case of the need to open a ditch on the asphalt, a cutting disc was developed that cuts up to 1.20 meters deep and up to 30 centimeters wide, ideal for the installation of fiber optic infrastructures.

These solutions considerably optimize the infrastructure works, both at the cost level, because they reduce the amount of equipment needed, both at the level of the deadlines, due to the high income verified, thus making their work more viable.


Watch following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT9wFskBmRQ

Source: http://nextrencher.com/en/c/nextrencher-3