DDN provides Project Management and Inspection services in the most diverse types of construction projects, from the most complex to the simplest, seeking to lead alongside our Clients, in an integrated way, from its beginning to its conclusion. Our vast experience proves that this is the right formula to go further in optimizing the triangle formed by Quality, Cost and Time, in all phases of the project.

In the Construction Area, the Health sector is one of the sectors where DDN has been growing its portfolio and with this, incorporating know-how in different areas ranging from Hospitals and Health Centers to Senior Residences and Continuing Care.

Buildings in the Health area have very demanding requirements due to their specificity. Depending on the cases, the following should be considered, among others:
Solutions to optimize costs associated with large consumption of energy resources, making buildings more self-sustainable; 
Systems aimed at indoor air quality, heating, cooling and humidification, taking into account users; 
Interior lighting solutions, which must comply with technical criteria, so that in each compartment there is a level of lighting appropriate to the intended occupation and the type of tasks to be carried out; 
Existence of insulation that reduces the level of vibrations in specific areas; 
Solutions in terms of building stability, which provide them with earthquake-resistant characteristics in construction;
Specialized advice in the area of ​​fire safety, which ensures the adoption of very restrictive measures, both in architectural design, as in specialty projects, with the objective of avoiding as much as possible the outbreak of a fire and, in the event of this, that it doesn't expand, being limited to a restricted area.

In situations of Remodeling of Hospital Units, operating without interruption, we have the necessary experience to manage the countless challenges that additionally arise in these situations: 
Simultaneous presence on site of countless actors; 
Transition management of hospital services, between the phase to be intervened and the new phase that has already been intervened; 
Management of temporary spaces for essential services, which have not yet been intervened; 
Management of changes in the flow of users, hospital professionals, emergency vehicles and construction workers in the hospital environment.

In both scenarios it is necessary to assume a real dynamism for an effective management in terms of planning, cost control, the achievement of the high standards of quality, safety and environment required and the systematization of the associated communication and decision circuits.

DDN assumes itself as your business partner because it truly believes that it has a differentiating action in all these fields, investing all its effort and ingenuity in each project entrusted to it.