Remodeling in Operation

DDN provides Project Management and Inspection services in the most diverse types of construction projects, from the most complex to the simplest, seeking to lead alongside our Clients, in an integrated way, from its beginning to its conclusion . Our vast experience proves that this is the right formula to go further in optimizing the triangle formed by Quality, Cost and Time, in all phases of the project.

In the Construction Area, the Remodeling in Operation sector is one of the most delicate sectors. Due to their specificity, the remodeling works in operation hide several difficulties, so it is important to face them with teams with experience in their conduct, where we highlight the following aspects:

Know the experience of the spaces and their operation, in order to minimize the impact of the intervention in the daily operation of the business;
Root this principle of common respect in all parties involved in the Remodeling in Operation Project;
Clarify all aspects of the Project, from the planning phase to the final delivery;
Involvement in the design of the Project, so that we can contribute with our know-how in the definition of planning and budget, adjusted to the work to be developed and to the operationality of the building or infrastructure. Here, the use of the BIM methodology - Building Information Modeling allows the DDN, through the compatibility of the existing with the projected, a better management of conflicts and the phasing of the work itself. At a later stage, this tool can also facilitate the maintenance of the building;
Guarantee the control of costs, work plan and performance of activities with quality and according to the Project, all based on our Quality Management System.

DDN assumes itself as your business partner because it truly believes that it has a differentiating action in all these fields, investing all its effort and ingenuity in each project entrusted to it.