DDN provides Project Management and Inspection services in the most diverse types of construction projects, from the most complex to the simplest, seeking to lead alongside our Clients, in an integrated way, from its beginning to its conclusion. Our vast experience proves that this is the right formula to go further in optimizing the triangle formed by Quality, Cost and Time, in all phases of the project.

In the Construction Area, the Hospitality sector is one of the sectors where DDN has a portfolio of very different projects that has helped to achieve its success, in several geographies.

The projects in this sector imply, in addition to a strong project management and planning component, adapting them to the needs of customers defined or detailed in the meantime, even if this already happens in the construction phase.
We take care of all stages, from the approval with the various entities (ANPC, APA, ANACOM, EDP, ...), until the delivery of the final project, working side by side with the Project Owner until the exploration phase.
Our project management applies to new construction projects, but also to remodeling and expansion projects of existing buildings, without interrupting the daily operations, typical of these spaces.

DDN assumes itself as your business partner because it truly believes that it has a differentiating action in all these fields, investing all its effort and ingenuity in each project entrusted to it.