Offices and Services

DDN provides Project Management and Inspection services in the most diverse types of construction projects, from the most complex to the simplest, seeking to lead alongside our Clients, in an integrated way, from its beginning to its conclusion . Our vast experience proves that this is the right formula to go further in optimizing the triangle formed by Quality, Cost and Time, in all phases of the project.

In the Construction Area, the Office and Services sector is one of the sectors where DDN has been marking a position in the market as a player to be taken into account, with important projects ranging from the Fit-Out of Offices to the building from scratch of Business and/or Logistics Parks.

Projects in this sector are characterized by being:
Challenging, as they are sometimes executed simultaneously with the development of the service provided by the Client, involving great coordination with the various stakeholders;
Strict, in terms of scheduling, as the Client has the normal development of its activity suspended;
Demanding in terms of quality, as we understand that the built spaces are to be inhabited, and therefore, have to comply with an excellent level of finishes, but also in functionality and installed technologies.

DDN assumes itself as your business partner because it truly believes that it has a differentiating action in all these fields, investing all its effort and ingenuity in each project entrusted to it.