DDN provides Project Management and Inspection services in the most diverse types of construction projects, from the most complex to the simplest, seeking to lead alongside our Clients, in an integrated way, from its beginning to its conclusion. Our vast experience proves that this is the right formula to go further in optimizing the triangle formed by Quality, Cost and Time, in all phases of the project.

In the Construction Area, the Infrastructure sector is one of the sectors where DDN has been growing its portfolio and with this, incorporating a diverse know-how in different areas ranging from airports, roads, water supply and drainage systems, accessibility and public utility equipment, maritime works and coastal rehabilitation.

This type of works is usually characterized by being large-scale works, which can additionally have a direct impact on the locations where they take place, either at an environmental level, or at the inconvenience of users of the spaces or neighboring populations.

In addition to the cost/time/quality trinomial, our service naturally takes into account measures to mitigate the negative impacts that such works may cause. Among these measures, we mention the following:

We foresee restrictions on circulation, anticipating the best solutions;
We equate the operation in phases, in order to optimize the execution times, at the same time that we minimize the restrictions in the accesses or circulation;
We involve the competent bodies in the decision-making processes at the level of licensing;
We carry out a continuous risk assessment and periodically monitor all phases of the projects.

DDN assumes itself as your business partner because it truly believes that it has a differentiating action in all these fields, investing all its effort and ingenuity in each project entrusted to it.