DDN - Gestão de Projetos, S.A.







The Project Execution Management service developed by DDN has as main aspects the Control of Costs, Deadlines and Quality of the Project, assuring its compliance to our client, under the defined Scope.
For the development of this service, it is assumed that the client already has the Design Project, and is now intending to ensure its implementation.
If a process under the Design-build regime is desired, the description of the service can be found in Integrated Management.

The main features of this service are as follows:

In this phase, the intention is essentially to act in a preventive manner, carrying out summary analysis of the projects, verifying "in situ" the conditions and their implications with the projects and contracts signed.

Project Analysis
This analysis is carried out with an emphasis on compatibility between the different areas of engineering and/or architecture, verifying the interrelationships between the different designed and written pieces of the different projects, special technical conditions and measurements, taking into account the applicable legal provisions.

Contract Management (with Tender Process)
After the work of analyzing the project and the conditions of the site, DDN guarantees that the defined scope and the desired quality for the Project are reflected in the tender processes carried out for its Execution/Completion. It is our belief that it is at this stage that many of the contractual problems with the Company that will make the Project can be solved, which is why we believe it is important to be involved in the analysis of the proposals presented, assisting as consultants in the negotiation phase and ensuring the drafting of the Contract, supporting the Client in the negotiation.

In this phase, DDN will control all previously defined steps, from design/conception, costs, deadlines, materials and equipments applied, as well as the work carried out, ensuring the quality of the investment and supervising its development.

Project Delivery
DDN will manage this critical phase in which it is necessary to develop a set of administrative processes in terms of licensing and closing contracts with the company that executed/completed the Project, in order to proceed with the Delivery of the Project to the Client.

Control and Report
Transversal activity to the service, in which is controled Deadlines, the Cost, the Quality, the analysis of deviations and the management of the changes to the scope of the Project, making the respective "report" to the Client in meetings minutes and in the various reports issued during the execution of the Project.