DDN - Gestão de Projetos, S.A.







The concept of the DDN always was the dedication to its customers, in order to develop the best solution for each project.

On DDN all projects are addressed in an integrated way and framed with our processes, so it is fairly easy for any developer or consultant DDN, understand what the inputs and outputs inherent in each phase. In turn, this network of processes was developed using the most modern techniques and concepts of Project Management.

Developing a Real Estate project using DDN‘s Integrated Management Solution, features numerous internationally recognized advantages, which include:

  • A single entity responsible for monitoring and management of the process, from initial conception, through the selection of the contractor, to completion and delivery of the work to the end user, with no dilution of responsibility in the process;
  • The existence of an integrated vision of the whole process, putting the whole experience of work in the service of design, resulting in a cost optimization, reduction of the lead time and significant increase in the quality of the projects developed.