DDN is finishing another project of Supervision and Security Coordination. It is the office building of L’Oréal, with about 11,000 m2 and 10 floors, two of them below the ground, and is located in the Arquiparque, at Algés (Miraflores).

The Office remodeling project is the responsibility of Aguirre Newman Portugal, the remodeling project of the L’Oréal Academy is the responsibility of the Cabinet of Architecture Silva Dias Architects, the construction is in charge of the company Vector Mais, being the Banif Imopredial and L’Oréal Portugal, the owners as well the owner of the building/tenant, respectively.

The remodeling of this building required a great effort at the level of coordination and management of teams by the DDN, the fact that the tenant, L’Oréal Portugal, is occupying the premises during the execution is undertaking. The solution went through the division of the contract in 4 phases, where in each phase only 2 floors were remodeled, making the occupants management and transition by phase.

In order to minimise the disturbances for the users of the building, the teams had to perform several jobs in less-impact periods.

DDN directed its action, so that the quality of the final project would meet the customer’s intended purpose, regarding cost, deadlines, applied materials and work-carried out.
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