With Dome House, new possibilities are opened in the modular construction market. This concept developed in Japan consists of coupling modules of different dimensions in order to satisfy the needs of the consumer by providing a rapid and bespoke construction.

Using expanded polystyrene as a construction material, an excellent thermal insulation that associated with the dome form allows that in the Dome House, the air is able to circulate by convection without being accumulated in the corners. This way, the costs of air conditioning will be substantially reduced. Moreover, structurally the Dome House is the most stable form, as unlike iron and wood, it does not rust, nor rots. The simplified curvature of the dome helps to dissipate wind energy and, due to being extremely lightweight, it can resist earthquakes.

The Dome House is built by the assembling of Dome Pieces. Each component weighs only 80 kg, which simplifies mounting that can be carried out by 3 or 4 workers and taking approximately 7 days to complete a Dome House. Because of this feature and the fact that it is lightweight and easy to carry, it becomes a rather economical solution.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, since expanded polystyrene is made only from carbon and hydrogen, the expanded polystyrene smelt is extremely clean, producing no waste, nor involving any deforestation, making it a solution that’s quite environmentally friendly.

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