Opened on September 22, the eighth gym from Fitness Hut chain in the Spazio Shopping Olivais, which is the sixth with the support of the DDN.

The fitness center is set on a single floor and consists of a gym in open space, three studios, dressing rooms with toilets and showers, technical areas and compartments for storage. The area of the club is of 1,712 m², with 497 m² for the gym it self, which is divided into 6 distinct areas: cardio-fitness room with treadmills, rowing, elitics and bikes, the resistance zone to various weight machines, functional training zone with the exercise bar, ropes and other located exercise equipment, free weights zone, zone with racetrack and stretching area. Studio 1 is dedicated to the activity of spinning, Studio 2 to other types of classes and Studio 3 is a free space for both classes and functional training.

Recently, Fitness Hut has renewed its image with the introduction in the Studio floor 3 of synthetic grass and implemented several “tablets” distributed by its premises for markup classes.

Also with the support of DDN, the works are underway for the construction of three new gymnasiums, in the Lisbon area opening in the first quarter of 2015.

During 2015, DDN intends to continue supporting Fitness Hut in its expansion throughout the national territory.
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