STORK is a patented and innovative solution of lightweight, multifunctional and low environmental impact, which implements in a single product, the distinctive technical characteristics and aesthetics of two natural materials with high added value – stone and cork.

STORK is the result of several years of research and development of the Portuguese engineering company FrontWave SA, and is currently being launched on the market.

Compared to traditional solutions currently presented in the sector (especially those using bee’s nest), STORK products present the following advantages:

Mechanical resistance – presents a high mechanical behaviour, recovering fully when subjected to high loads, contributing to eliminate the emergence of fissures and decelerate most of the degradation processes associated with the stone;
Fatigue resistance at varying temperatures – it is the sole coating and pavement with natural stone that does not show any kind of degradation after 10 million of 2x force cycles greater than the service load sized for the most adverse situations of application; The result is equally homogeneous for a range of temperatures between -20 º C to 75 °c;
Acoustic and vibration insulation – fundamental characteristic for flooring and flooring applications because it promotes isolation to exterior noise and between floors, according to new construction requirements;
Thermal insulation – The STORK solution contributes to a significant reduction in the costs associated with thermal insulation of buildings when presenting a lower coefficient of thermal transmission (U) compared to what is obtained with traditional low-thickness solutions using bee’s nest;
ustainability – STORK incorporates agglomerated Cork, a material produced using waste of this material and natural stone; Both materials have a low carbon footprint, contributing to a significant reduction in environmental impact. Some of the current product solutions incorporate resins and fibres with 100% natural origin;
Design – When combining natural materials in a reduced thickness, the aesthetic and design characteristics are enhanced.
This product is already available on the market, and its value can be obtained by consulting the manufacturer, as it depends on the intended use/performance characteristics. It can nevertheless be said that the value is competitive in the market for coating/flooring solutions with composite materials.