Civil construction is a segment that still utilizes the largest percentage of labor-based work. With the development of technologies, the expectation is that automated solutions are introduced, which will increase revenue and reduce the related risks.

SAM (Semi-Automated Mason), manages to settle an average of 6,000 bricks per day, in contrast to the 500 bricks that a mason worker performs in the same time space.

Sam, it was built by the New York based company – Construction Robotics. The robot consists of a conveyor belt, a robotic arm and a mortar pump. It requires a worker to load the robot with bricks, the beak of the machine covers a brick with mortar before the robotic arm puts it in place. A second worker is also needed to remove the excess mortar and straighten the joints, before the robot lays more bricks.

This equipment is already available on the market, and can be rented for about USD $3,300.00 (approx. €3,000.00).

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