It was awarded to DDN, by the Polis Litoral Ria Formosa Society, two contracts of varied typology, covering the execution of a large parking lot, the reordering of the transit, the regeneration and environmental recovery and the construction of a pedestrian walkway and cycling of exit from the parking lot and access to the beach.

The contract of the access to the beach of Faro in the amount of € 543,000 aimed to significantly improve the conditions of access and circulation on that bathing area with the repaving of the track and the construction of a wooden walkway, which shall function as a liaison between the outdoor car park and the beach. Until then, this connection was performed in conditions a little unsecured and inappropriate. The bridge was built parallel to the automobile and, being a pedestrian and cycling bridge, it will provide the contemplation and appreciation of the surrounding landscape.

This project is still predicted to restore the circulation of water in estuaries with the introduction of two hydraulic passages. On the West side of Ria Formosa, had little water oxygenation, thereby depriving the normal growth of shellfish in ponds there. This is the most challenging step, since there was no prior information “about the behaviour of the” consolidated different tiers of the access road’s constitution, thus having, the risk of total interruption and/or “collapse”.

The execution of the parking lot, valued at € 815,000, with approximately 1,000 parking spots, came to lighten the load of vehicles over the fragile dune system on the beach of Faro that especially at the height of the bathing season, made the existing parking inadequate and hindered to some extent the access to public space and the beach.

With the conclusion of these contracts, in which DDN was responsible for the Supervision, Security Coordination and Environmental Control, confirmed once again the trust placed in DDN during interventions of Requalification and Valorization of Ria Formosa.