Given the technological advancement of recent years, DDN has always established itself over our two decades of existence, as a leading company in the use of technology, we could not fail to act in line with this approach and with that which is its mission: “Provide solutions and shape our clients’ projects, modernising them, adding technical, economic and social value.”

Taking into account the hardships felt in the work onsite with regard to the access to extensive quantity of documents (e.g. projects of the most assorted specialties) and their updates, as well as the time consuming process in the completion of the manuscript of Quality Control tokens, the company has developed a more automated method of cross-application to all services of our customers, be they in the hotel segment, housing, offices, malls, industry, hospitals, or infrastructures of roads, supply nets, sanitation, etc.

It is the implementation of quality control in work with tablet use. With this tool of work, prepared with all the information of the project, including the chips of the activities in the work developed in specific software, the company ensures to have all the information centralized and available anywhere, whether at the office, or on site, where the work to be inspected/tested.

In addition to accessibility, there is also the advantage of registering information in a more modern and efficient way, as filling in is very intuitive, in most fields through selection with filters. In addition, the rapid transfer of information to the computerized folder of the customer’s project, disregarding the scanning of documents is another of the advantages to be noted.

In this way, DDN’s team optimizes the time spent performing quality control tasks on site, increasing the productivity of its service with gains at all levels for its Clients!


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