Obramax will be a building materials warehouse for anyone with professional vocation, which aims to mainly small and medium-sized companies in the industry of construction in Brazil.

Clients can take advantage of an innovative concept in the retail segment of building materials: the Drive Thru, extended to the entire range of basic products and large dimensions ones. In this way, the project aims to provide a differential, which is the convenience to customers for their purchases. It will be the first Obramax store in Brazil, located in the region of Cambuci, São Paulo.

The DDN Brazil team is pleased to take part in this new project and have a leading role in the growth of a new brand on the market. We offer the client all our knowledge, so that in all phases of the project we’re able to apply our vast experience in the management of retail and trade companies, from the Strategy Phase to the Store’s Handover.
The difference that this new venture will be energy efficiency and thought to the cost reduction in operation.

The project with a total area of 30.000,00 m2 will have efficient systems as: LED lighting in conjunction with Zenital system, forced acclimatization system without air conditioning ensuring thermal comfort to customers, reuse of stormwater and wastewater treatment for reuse.

The store will be opened on the second half of 2017.