In March 2016 was completed and opened to the public a new store Toys ’R’ Us. Located in the Nova Arcada Shopping Centre in Braga, it’s a shop with an area of about 2,000 m². DDN was responsible for the Project Management, since the Architecture and Specialties Design, and Supervision with Tendering Procedure until delivery of the work. With just a little more than a month and a half between the award of our service and the date of the store’s opening, this was a project with a strategic and important client for DDN.

After that project, Toys ’R’ Us bet again on DDN for remodeling its store in the Colombo Shopping Centre in Lisbon. This store was relocated and its area was increased to 2,800 m².

The opening of the store within the schedule was another success, ensuring our client’s satisfaction and opening the possibility of similar projects in the future.