DDN, in partnership with Dino Park in Lourinhã, was involved in building one of Europe’s largest dinosaur theme parks. DDN was responsible for the integrated management of the contract, including the execution of all architectural and specialties designs, as well as the management, coordination and work direction of the construction work.

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Lourinhã’s Town is known in Portugal as the dinosaur capital.

In Dino Park it will be possible to take a trip to the past back about 150 million years ago. In this park, there are about 120 real scale dinosaurs that will be scattered on this site.

The Lourinhã Dino Park was an old project of the town of Lourinhã, which has only now came to fruition. The current museum of Lourinhã devoted also to dinosaurs, will be integrated into the park, given the amount of archaeological findings that have occurred in recent years in this area.

DDN’s mains intervention in the Dino Park went through the execution of two pavilions – one destined for outdoor activities and the main pavilion. The main pavilion will be destined for all the administrative activities of the park, and it will be the new location of the museum and will have a cafeteria, a shop and a laboratory where visitors can observe how the preparation of fossils is made by a team of palaeontologists.

In total, the park has about 10 acres of area and it is scheduled for opening on the beginning of 2018.