Ever thought about the idea of experiencing an innovative and attractive way of life, by a fusion of nature and architecture? These buildings are designed as trees-the oldest structures, important and loved ones of the Earth, creating green communities that harmonize completely inside with the nature, increasing the synergy between people and the planet and reinventing the timeless quality and sustainable development of forests.

For the Dutch architect Raimond de Hullu, the sustainable city of the future will have trees instead of skyscrapers and based on this vision, created the OAS1S ™, which offers the solution of desirable, feasible and 100% green building that is required today. The buildings, constructed in 100% recycled wood and similar to trees, feature a high, slender, distinguished architecture and spectacular vertical gardens facades. These “tree houses” are a real fusion between architecture and nature, since the customizable models can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 floors fitted with large windows, and interior rustic cabins in recycled wood.

Iconic OAS1S ™ units are shaped like a number 1 to answer the deep human need to be 1 with nature. “Imagine a tree house with all modern luxuries where we can live with nothing else except green around us”, explained Raymond.

“We need a 100% ecological concept, not only to the architectural level, but also urban. Something that is desirable, but also inexpensive. The OAS1S project brings us homes for the middle class, to people who do not give in on great quality, but neither the ecological lifestyle, “he added.

The OAS1S ™ forests mix trees with buildings similar to trees in a public and compact organic layout without cars, a true fusion of the city and the forest that creates new and exciting possibilities: Green communities that update “concrete jungle”, or eco-resorts that harmonize within nature as chameleons.

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