While the economic crisis took over on Brazil, there is a segment that, in addition to not showing the effects of the crisis, is actually growing. We are talking about the luxury housing market, a market that thrives and attracts increasingly investors.

This investment, whether for permanent housing, holidays or even leasing, translates into a safe alternative to those who intend to invest, given the country’s current economic situation and attracts more and more customers in the age within 30 to 50 years old that, due to not being required to depend on housing credit lines and, in general, are already wealthy, have ease in negotiations and are responsible for maintaining this niche market.

Customers who invest in this segment seek real estate that provide privacy and maintain a quality of life above the average, so large areas (lots of 1,000.00 m2 with a constructed area of 500.00 m2), as well as the existence of a swimming pool, children’s playground, gym and runway are elements that are usually associated with these sort of properties.

Naturally, the quality of the construction and finishes is a premise that investors do not renounce and that is where DDN, already heavily deployed in Brazil, offers them all the necessary support, since the project’s grant phase (when performing the compatibility between all specialty designs), through the monitoring of the licensing process with the various entities up to the supervision of the work, ensuring the quality of the execution and control, be it regarding schedule or budget, ensuring a final project that meets the investor’s expectations.

An example of this is the property built in the Condomínio Outeiro das Brisas in Trancoso, deployed in a land plot with 1,000 m2.

Construction consisting of structural elements of wooden reinforced concrete, highlighting the main house, endowed with a large room with three different environments (living room, dining room and TV room), 2 suites and a balcony, guest house with 2 suites Pool with Jacuzzi and guest house providing a WC, barbecue and room. All these buildings connect through a wooden deck and a variety of local plants, making a rather pleasant atmosphere.

Currently, this property is in phase of finalisation of the structural elements in reinforced concrete and the beginning of the timber coverage: