Wind Energy

Wind energy is generated by the wind. As such, wind farms are installed in places where the average annual wind speed exceeds 6 m / s, which in Portugal is found in mountainous areas and close to the coast.

The use of wind energy has numerous advantages compared to traditional energies and even in comparison with other types of renewable energies, due to its greater development and investment, being already a mature technology.

Therefore, the transformation of this kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy and, later, into electrical energy, is carried out by a wind turbine (or wind turbine), since the turbine blades, when rotating with the force of the wind, rotate the axis of the rotor connected to the generator.

There are 4 types of Wind Turbines:
Horizontal Rotor (AEH);
Vertical Rotor (AEV);
Vortex Bladeless;

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