Wave and Tidal Energy

Wave and Tidal Energy extracts energy from air pressurized by the ripple of seawater through a turbine. Generally, the structure of this technology consists of a sealed chamber filled with air located on the level of the seawater.

Its advantages are:
The constancy and predictability of the occurrence of the tides;
Its reliability;
The fact that the tides are an inexhaustible source of energy;
The fact that they are a clean source of energy.
However, it does have some risks or disadvantages:
Installation costs are quite high;
Plants for the production of electricity from this energy can only be installed in locations that respond to the geomorphological needs necessary for it and that have a very high difference in tides (about 5,5 m);
Its construction can cause major environmental impacts due to the creation of the reservoir;
Energy is only produced as long as there is a gap between the water levels in the upper and lower parts of the dam wall;
Technical difficulties that this technology still has in the use of wave energy.

DDN supports its customers in the process of preparing the energy efficiency plan using this technology, as well as the preparation of the cost savings and return on investment plan.

With the analysis of the feasibility of the project, DDN will support the realization of the financing process, licensing and respective monitoring of the tender process, execution and maintenance phase.