Biomass consists of a wide range of natural and man-made waste, from which it is possible to obtain energy through different processes for multiple purposes, namely:

Forest and Wood: pellets, chips, wood residues and forest residues;
Agriculture and Food Industries: olive kernels, sugar cane, corn, potatoes, dried fruit husks and seaweed; 
Industry and Construction: tires, construction surplus and urban solid waste;
Pharmaceuticals and Textiles.

The conversion of biomass into energy can be aimed at creating thermal energy (generating steam, cold or heat) or mechanical energy (moving machinery, equipment and turbines to generate electricity).

The transformation of biomass is an industrial process with multiple economic advantages for our customers, namely:
Reduction of costs and expenses associated with energy;
Reduction of costs associated with waste and its reuse; 
Higher energy efficiency; 
Projects that can attract European support;
Partnerships between different actors in the comprehensive area;
Reduction of companies' ecological footprint.

DDN specializes in personalized assistance to its customers, in particular with regard to the transformation of Biomass and other Renewable Energies.

In the current context, where sustainability is a crucial issue in our society, DDN is the partner with the necessary skills to support our customers' energy optimization projects.