The success of a project is dependent on several conditions, to which the companies require a service provider with an extensive theoretical and practical know-how. Conditions such as:

  • Does the Project have too much steel?
  • The designed Air conditioning solution is fitted for your needs? And does it provide more a economical consumption?
  • Are the selected coatings the best? Are there no equivalent and more economic alternatives?
  • Are the several engineering and architecture specialties properly made compatible?
The mistakes more commonly done that compromise cost, deadlines and quality construction are committed in this final phase of the project.

Engineers and architects who design the work, due to not having any responsibility in its payment, do not take into account the costs of the solutions presented by them.

DDN is responsible for controlling the risks of the ‘ project ‘ phase, with a view to the final valorization of the project.
The main steps of this service include:

Project Strategy

At this stage are carried out several market studies and feasibility studies (technical, financial and economic), helping to define the scope of the project. It is also at this stage that if they study the different financing solutions available;
It is also at this stage that we define with the client what the rights and responsibilities of the several Stakeholders of the project are, the form and type of communications and risk analysis. This process has as output the strategic plan of the project, which is essential to investment, sets the budget and planning project basis, duly substantiated by market survey and feasibility, taking into account the risk analysis. It’s this document that will be reflected the rules of relationships and decision-making of the Stakeholders of the project, properly mirrored in the Array of Responsibilities and Information Flow Chart.


At this stage the DDN will execute the Management, Implementation and Coordination of the projects necessary for the clear and unambiguous definition of the program.



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